Personally, I think one problem when it comes to education is that it's become far too politicized. We've got too many agendas and factions all vying for more control over it.

I think the Department of Education should stick itself to being an administration force and nothing else.

I think local school boards should be made up of an equal number of 1) teachers, 2) administrators, 3) parents, 4) students and each individual school should have a high degree of autonomy but national standards.

I think we should start having two separate types of high schools - those focused on academic knowledge and those focused on technical skills. Those becoming mechanics don't need to know in-depth history of the Dark Ages, and those who excel at English don't need to know the details of how the pancreas works.

I think that once we get into high school, we need to let our kids start to focus on one discipline or another. They still need to know the basics of other subjects, but let's help them specialize in the specialized society we live in nowadays.

Also, we should start paying students to go to school. That'll go a long way too.