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in light of a man being killed by a shark and the subsequent hunt for the shark, do you think that, if they manage to find this one shark out of many, this shark should be killed, and do you think sharks should be killed if they attack?
Sharks, like other wild animals, don't kill for the 'sport' or the 'fun' of it. They kill out of necessity to eat and survive. It's been theorized time and time again that sharks will often times mistake surfers for seals.

I don't understand why a person or persons would hunt down a wild animal for doing what wild animals do - they hunt prey in order to survive.

If a person is in their territory, they have to realize that there is a chance they might be attacked.

So my answer to the poll question is: No, I don't think they should kill this shark and I believe it's a waste of time to try and find it.