View Poll Results: When should the United States of America go to war?

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Thread: When should the United States of America go to war?

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    Re: When should the United States of America go to war?

    Whenever it furthers our national interest. And to clarify, that means that the whatever we're seeking to gain or protect by going to war has to be worth more than the cost and long term ramifications of going to war. So nation building and playing world cop don't further our national interests sufficiently to justify the cost of war. But conquering the American west and completing manifest destiny in the Mexican-American War, that was worth it.

    Generally, I favor non-intervention. I think our self interest is usually served by butting out of the affairs of other nations. But if our interests do compell us to act, then we should act swiftly and harshly, ruthlessly pursuing our self interest.
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    Re: When should the United States of America go to war?

    Quote Originally Posted by Korimyr the Rat View Post
    Pretty much whenever the opportunity presents itself. At least every couple decades or so, whether we have an excuse or not. War is necessary for the economy and for maintaining the martial spirit of the nation, and is generally good for the species.
    War can be destructive to the economy too, I still don't see how the Iraq and Afghanistan wars help the American's economy, except may be help fasting the rise of China.

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