View Poll Results: Should the 14th Amendment be changed or repealed

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  • No, the 14th amendment should not be touched

    34 55.74%
  • Yes, it should be changed to only give citizenship if the mother is legally in the U.S.

    4 6.56%
  • Yes, it should be changed to only give citizenship if one parent is a U.S. citizen

    15 24.59%
  • Yes, it should be completely repealed

    3 4.92%
  • Other, please explain in the thread

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Thread: Should the 14th amendment be amended or repealed?

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    Re: Should the 14th amendment be amended or repealed?

    Quote Originally Posted by Scarecrow Akhbar View Post

    People who commit crimes should reap the reward of their evil actions?

    That's okay, we're discussing the sins of the mother.

    No reason she should be rewarded for her crime, either.

    Meanwhile, citizenship is granted to babies of parents lawfully in the United States because their parents are citizens. It's not complicated. The kid has brown eyes because mommy has brown eyes, it has US citizenship because it's mommy has US citizenship.

    Exactly. So when we deport it's mother, it would be a crime to seperate the family simply because the child was wrongly granted citizenship it's parents didn't earn for it.

    Why? It's not like we're having problems breeding our own citizens. Hell, we even have a national industry of public schools that produce hordes of unskilled uneducated kiddies who can't speak English. Since we don't have a shortage, we don't need to import any.

    Or, better yet, send them, along with their parent, back to the country they're supposed to be in, and if the child wishes to emigrate from there to the US when he's older, he can get at the back of the line at the US embassy in that nation, just like everyone else, and fill out the forms and wait for our generosity.

    The parent, being formerly illegal, should never be granted any form of visa at any time for any reason whatsoever.

    No, they're non-citizens. So there's no conflict with being an American and sending non-citizens back to their nation of origin.

    Being "American" does not mean being "gullible", "stupid", "soft-headed", "soft-hearted", "ignorant", "foolish", "easy", or "simple".

    The baby was not a legal entry.

    If you insist that it was, please point to the approved immigration application the pregnant mother filled out prior to entering the United States.
    If they are born on American soil, then the babies are citizens whether you can accept that or not. This is US law. Being born on soil is the main reason most of us are citizens as defined by congress in 2006. I even linked it in an earlier post. So your belief that parental citizenship is what translates to child citizenship is flat wrong according to the law of the land. Parental citizenship doesn't entire into the citizenship question until you leave the US. To ultimately to discriminate against these children based on the parents, just goes to show delusional anger. I have been clear. Parents should be sent home. The child, if born in the US, gets citizenship whether they go home with the parents or stay here with relatives who are citizens.

    And your opinion, that is all it is, that they are not citizens is moot. You should direct your anger at the parent, not the child. The child has broken no laws. The child could not pick where the child was to be born. If your entire point why they can't be citizens is because of the parent, then you have no real argument as these are two different people. Crimes of the parents don't get placed onto children in this country no matter how much you would like them to. All you really have to do is demonstrate how the children have broken a law or weren't born on US soil.
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    Re: Should the 14th amendment be amended or repealed?

    Quote Originally Posted by Korimyr the Rat View Post
    They may have, but that doesn't make them Americans. Being the same nationality as their parents is not a punishment. There is a process by which people who wish to become Americans, and who wish for their children to be Americans, can change their nationality and be accepted into our community. We can not and should not be responsible for people who do not follow this process and abide by our laws. We have the right to decide, as a nation, who belongs within our nation and who does not.
    I understand repealing anchor baby laws, however I don't get your appeal to legality as it already is the legal procedure to make them US citizens automatically.

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