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Thread: Abolish the Postal Service

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    Re: Abolish the Postal Service

    Quote Originally Posted by megaprogman View Post
    My local post office is pretty nice and has very friendly people running the place.
    What about the hours? ONe of my complaints about the USPS when I lived in the States was that the local post office was always open when I was in class or at work. Where I live now, I can go to the post office in the evening (as late as 8PM) or on weekends... I could never do that where I lived in the States...
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    Re: Abolish the Postal Service

    Quote Originally Posted by phattonez View Post
    Who DOESN'T complain about the post office? Even Ned Flanders hates the post office.
    I frankly have heard very little complaints. There has been no major outcry against it.
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    Re: Abolish the Postal Service

    I never had a problem with the USPS when I lived in the States... now the DMV and the IRS are a whole different story!
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