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Thread: Political Participation

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    Re: Political Participation

    Quote Originally Posted by Orion View Post
    How do you participate in your country's politics?
    I find out as much as I can about it, and about politics in general, so I can have better opinions and make better judgements about who I vote for, and so that I can be a better representative of my country when talking about it with people.

    I always feel a bit silly and airy fairy, when I answer this question, because it makes sense while in my head, but does not seem quite enough when I am telling somebody about it. I suppose that is the problem with a lot of things such as politics these days. We feel so disconnected from it because we are just one person, pushing in a particular direction and maybe achieving nothing at all with it, with so many others pulling and pushing in different directions.

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    Re: Political Participation

    All of the above, educate myself, work campaigns, election judge, etc. pretty much everything I can do.

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