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I have already explained that: two incomes.

If you don't like my answers or can prove them to be incorrect, then fine. Otherwise, dont pretend that I have not already explained my answers just because you dont agree with them.

Looks like a couple of you guys woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.

What about my other question, are you conceding you simply made it up?

38,000 post in less than 3 years? About 35 every single day. Jeeshch, you really need to get a job.

The Good Reverend thinks fast, and posts fast. If you can't keep up, trying to insult him over it doesn't make you look like the intellectual here... As far as a job? The Good Reverend is fit, trim and rich, and has have one, it's the president and CEO of a very successful IT security consulting firm.