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I was thinking over my statement for a few minutes while I was away for 2 days...

I think my original statement of "a nation of Christians, not a Christian nation" was misleading.

What I was attempting to say by that is: "The US is not a Christian nation, but a nation with Christians in it".

In that statement, the distinction is, IMO, clear.

I can see how you would think my previous statement redundant/contradictory.

Further, after reading the intervening discussion between Tucker and Zyphlin, I would say that calling the US a nation might be stretching it.

However, in disagreement with Tucker, I think that a vague sense of "nationhood" exists for the US as a whole.

Perhaps not at the level he would consider a "nation", but...
Clarified and thanks... I think that the issue for us all lies in he dual meaning of "nation". It is generally referred to as the United States as a country. Nation. Country. I think that a "country" is the government, it's people and the borders, language and culture. A "nation" is the people to me and especially within the parameters of this conversation. I understand what you are saying and thanks for sharing your point of view.