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Thread: Should we trim down our Military????

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    Re: Should we trim down our Military????

    I voted "No".

    But I add a caveat.

    No, but we should redirect our funds/efforts towards more efficient usage of such.

    Also, cut back in some areas, and build up in others.

    And I didn't read the thread.

    Too lazy atm.

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    Re: Should we trim down our Military????

    Quote Originally Posted by Hoplite View Post
    We need a real step foreward on the cybertechnology front. We live in a DIGITAL era and from what I can see, our forces are not prepared to deal with threats over cyberspace nor are they able to protect the US on the digital front.
    Iraq Insurgents Hack U.S. Drones For Under $26

    We're sinking a lot of money into standard forces and equipment for them when the reality is we probably wont fight a "standard" war in the vein of Desert Storm ever again. We need more specialized forces to deal with the kind of irregular warfare that's being carried out in the modern world as the standard mode of fighting. The fact of the matter is the US is probably the best in the world at a stand-up slug-fest, so no country is going to be stupid enough to engage us in what we're good at.

    Another necessary direction is in tactics. I dont see a lot of tactics coming out of the military. The last eight years have been a string of one terrible idea after another with regards to Iraq and it doesnt seem like the military is acting proactively, rather they are REacting to moves our opponent is making and in the basic rules of war, once you start doing that, you've lost.

    With the congressional oversight, part of me agrees because I dont think the military should have carte blanche to spend whatever on whatever they want but at the same time I recognize that this process often makes simple tasks much harder and ends up costing MORE in the long-run. As far as I can see, perhaps imposing time limits or requirements on congress for making decisions about spending with regards to the military or requiring input from a military advisory body that doesnt stand to gain from the spending.
    Well, I'd have to argue a few of your points....over the last several years most branches have developed entirely new Information Dominance commands and training structures. All services have had Information Technology specialists for at least a decade.

    The Navy has designed entirey new ships to convert from Cold War mentality to Littoral warfare, which necisitated entirely new tactics. Weapons such as bunker busters were quickly designed and fielded due to specific requirements and the advent of IEDs has resulted in fielding entirely new combat vehicles.

    Flexibility is paramount to effective warfighting and our forces are well aware of that. It is often difficult though to sell the need for an entirely new ship or combat vehicle/system when we have many funtctioning that are only "slightly" obsolete.

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    Re: Should we trim down our Military????

    Yeah. Though I sure will miss how much my company has benefited so much. Yet, got to put my money where my mouth is.

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    Re: Should we trim down our Military????

    Quote Originally Posted by Aunt Spiker View Post
    So, compare our approach to healthcare and education in contrast to your country, New Zealand - what better approach to these things can your country suggest?
    You know, I will say that US should get a public health care system instead. Because now US is spending way more in US dollars and the same as a percentage of GDP for public spending in health care as New Zealand does. If you are going to have a private health care system, then it needs to be a proper private health care system and it's not. However a public health care system is easier to control and by having a public health care system you can open up 14K dollars per family for health care. That will make Americans much better off. You don't even need to increase taxes, because US has the same public spending as other countries with public health care.

    Then the republicans can focus on other areas such as education. US should open up for charter schools and let students compete to get into the best high schools. This will make students work harder through middle school and also make a more fair system. (it will also deacrease income inequality if any liberals care about that) Also school unions are way too powerful, (much stronger than NZs unions). It's nearly impossible to fire a teacher for a public school and even pedophiles are hard to fire. Also the school system should focus more on learning in front of the tests, and less on homework. And there should be more externally examined test like it is in NZ so the teacher can't dumb down the tests so that the students get better marks. Because I have lived one year in the US, and American students were hard working. However, the system made them work wrong and therefore they didn't learn very much.
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