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I don't feel like I did a real good job with the whole 'sex education" thing, when it came to my kids.
But in fact neither one of them got anyone pregnant until adulthood.
Sometimes I think parents can serve as examples of what not to do.
I never tried to give them the impression they ruined my life or derailed my plans or anything (they didn't; I didn't have anything in particular planned for my future).
But their dad is another story. He was much more the "Learn from my mistakes and don't throw away your future like I did" type.
It may have encouraged them to be more careful.
I think that it may have helped a little that we all saw what my cousin had to go through after she had 3 children by the time she graduated high school. The family was proud of her for graduating, but it definitely was a good lesson on how much a young, single mother struggles to make it. And my family is known for fertility, so I think all of us girls were a little scared that if even one little swimmer made it past a condom, we'd end up pregnant. I know for me, as a teenager, it wasn't worth the risk.