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No, I will admit that there is no formal encompassing conservative judicial movement, like a club with members and a treasurer and chairman. Your Brilliance has cowed me!! You've Got Me!!
You're attempt at ad hominem by creating a fictional group and membership to make a half assed point was a farce only an infant could appreciate. Tell me again why Scalia's the leader of the judicial conservative activist wing of some Republican movement and I'll dig up some Bilderburg nonsense ... or just fall asleep. Either or.

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If you need me to inform you about Scalia's position among Constitutional thinkers, his influence and the respect afforded to him ... well, it just says all that need be said, really. Unless you're just doing a really good job of playing dumb.
If you haven't noticed yet, I don't give Scalia's opinion outside of the law any more credence than anyone else's opinion. What part of that is eluding you?

Still - SCOTUS judges should have 1+ or better years on the bench. Tell me if you need me to clarify that again for you.