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Thread: March jobs report, up or down?

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    Re: March jobs report, up or down?

    Quote Originally Posted by Lord Tammerlain View Post
    Yes it is and it is all Obama's fault for people taking out ARM's and Alt A that readjust now before he became president

    Quote Originally Posted by Lord Tammerlain View Post
    Realistically though it is scary ____ and it is going to cause a second leg downward. With more foreclosures and bankruptcies for people and more bank failures
    I was wanting to buy in early 2011 but I'm reconsidering that now.
    I hate that many people have to lose out in order for me to get a good deal though.
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    Re: March jobs report, up or down?

    Quote Originally Posted by megaprogman View Post
    Job Market Brightened in March -

    48,000 of them are census jobs though.
    How about we repeat conservative rhetoric some more? That still means around 110,000 jobs were created. What say you about THOSE jobs? hmmmm? How about we address the topic rather than trying to intentionally demean the economic recovery.

    110,000 jobs created is a HELL OF A LOT better than losing 700,000 a month, don't you agree?
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    Re: March jobs report, up or down?

    I believe, more in hope than belief, that the number of NEW jobs will increase.

    What I am not certain about is whether those jobs will be in Manufacturing /Services Industry.
    I am as fearful as are some other folk with regards to the melt down of the Housing market which I believe will be worse than we have thus far seen.
    But then I am a Pessimist.

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