View Poll Results: Why are women paid less than men on average?

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  • Hiring managers are sexist

    6 24.00%
  • Women are more likely to seek jobs in fields that don't pay as well

    13 52.00%
  • Women work fewer hours on average

    12 48.00%
  • Women are more likely to trade a higher salary for more flexible work terms

    15 60.00%
  • Women have fewer years of continuous work experience on average

    7 28.00%
  • Men are more likely to ask for a raise, and more likely to walk if they don't get one

    5 20.00%
  • Other

    10 40.00%
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Thread: Why are women paid less than men on average?

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    Re: Why are women paid less than men on average?

    Quote Originally Posted by Goshin View Post
    From what I've seen in over two decades of the wonderful world of work, this is how it is, when there is a discrepancy between pay, of men and women doing the same job:

    Many of these working women have children. Some have a husband, some don't.
    They are more likely to be more concerned about spending time with their children than men, and volunteer for less overtime, less travel, less "Extra".
    They are more likely to be absent because their child is sick or because their babysitter is sick or otherwise unavailable, or to attend PTA or some other event related to the kids.
    They are more likely to be hesitant about promotion, and to carefully consider how much more time would be taken away from family matters if they accepted a promotion.
    In brief, they tend to work fewer hours, therefore making less money... they tend to do less "extra" and pursue promotion less aggressively, thus getting fewer raises.
    This is why women tend to average a bit lower in income in the same job.

    BTW, those are generalities... there are always exceptions. Nor am I dissing women for putting family first; as a single father for the past dozen years I've had to do the same, and yeah it has cost me some opportunties... but I have no beef with that, I know what my priorities are.

    I agree with this. Women tend to put family first and therefore don't seek out jobs that take 40 plus a week hours and don't tend to seek promotions. I think its a combination on other things as well, but I think this is the main reason.

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    Re: Why are women paid less than men on average?

    Quote Originally Posted by Harry Guerrilla View Post
    Women, in general, choose lower paying but more long term secure jobs.

    They choose jobs with less risk in regard to wages.
    Women who attend college and work in a white collar job in a major city tend to outearn their male peers.

    Young women earn more than men in big U.S. cities | Reuters

    I tend to believe that women's earnings are almost totally a reflection of women's career and educational choices, and that gender discrimination has very little to do with it. Women who work in male-dominated fields tend to do as well or better than their male peers, economically, if they make the same professional decisions that men do.

    This finding has been duplicated in a study of 16,000 executives:
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