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Thread: Constitutionality of the Health Care Bill

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    Re: Constitutionality of the Health Care Bill

    Quote Originally Posted by RightinNYC View Post
    For those who are legitimately interested in the legal issues behind this, check out this great debate between some pretty smart people:

    PENNumbra—University of Pennsylvania Law Review
    That's been far more interesting than reading the actual bill has been.

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    Re: Constitutionality of the Health Care Bill

    Quote Originally Posted by Crunch View Post
    Get enough States together and they can change the Constitution (Amendment) to outlaw Federal Mandated Health Insurance.

    The United States Constitution - The U.S. Constitution Online -

    Oops.......... 38 states are already changing their laws to make this POS illegal.

    Ten US states to file suit against health care reform - Yahoo! News

    So lets do the Math!!!!!!!!

    2/3rd's of 50 States looks to me to be 33 and a third States....... that's less than 38!

    3/4's of 50 States looks like 37 and a half States...... that's also less than 38 States.

    Any one here still think the States will be defeated in their bid to out law this POS?
    "Moving to introduce legislation" is different from "convincing the state's population to support a constitutional amendment." There's no way there will be a constitutional amendment over this.
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    Re: Constitutionality of the Health Care Bill

    The forcing people to buy insurance will be struck down. THe mandates on the states might be as well-just as the part of the Brady Bill that required the states to do background checks was struck down

    If the constitution was actually followed and had not been polluted and raped by the FDR courts, this entire bill would have been struck down at the trial court level. The commerce clause was never intended to trump the tenth amendment.
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