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    10 19.23%
  • Natural & Enhanced Large & Small I Love em All

    13 25.00%
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Thread: Natural or Enhanced; Question for the Guys

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    Re: Natural or Enhanced; Question for the Guys

    Quote Originally Posted by Hatuey View Post
    I love Israeli women.

    gotta love the isreali women

    So follow me into the desert
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    Re: Natural or Enhanced; Question for the Guys

    Quote Originally Posted by TheGirlNextDoor View Post
    How about people who actually HAVE breasts being able to vote in your stupid pole..err.. poll.

    Plus, this poll has been done before, with much the same result. I just searched "breast implants" and lookie what came up.
    Look, you can't ever talk about breasts too much. And we don't need no advice from breast-wearers.
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    Re: Natural or Enhanced; Question for the Guys

    Quote Originally Posted by SgtRock View Post
    I declare this poll null and void do to women and hippies voting and skewing the results.
    Thats why you check that little box that says make votes public when you make a poll.
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    Re: Natural or Enhanced; Question for the Guys

    Titties and beer...... ( * ) Y ( * )

    [ame=""]YouTube- Frank Zappa - Titties and Beer[/ame]

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