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Thread: Birthers and Truthers

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    Re: Birthers and Truthers

    Quote Originally Posted by SouthernDemocrat View Post
    That is a symptom of being a nutjob though. Its like saying that people that are depressed feel sad, or that psychotic people have trouble differentiating what is and is not real.

    It seems to me that if you believe that Obama is not a citizen, or that 9/11 was a government conspiracy, then basically you have a type of psychosis going because you are having trouble with reality. Thus, of course you feel powerless on one extreme, or like you are on a special mission to get the word out about this on the other. Those are symptoms of being a nutjob though. I just don't see where it helps a psychotic to humor them.
    That's overly harsh I think, as it pertains to certain people. Many young people are easily taken be these things while others just have a passing theory about it, still, others are just ignorant, but that doesn't make them a psychotic nutjob.

    I think the people you are trying to isolate and ridicule are the hardliners who propagate the core agenda of each movement, and even then I wouldn't call them psychotic nutjobs, instead, I would classify them as one of two things; a pathological liar or mildly delusional.

    P.S. - Or a troll!
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    Re: Birthers and Truthers

    Quote Originally Posted by lizzie View Post
    Not at all. Believing something that is not proven is certainly a normal phenomenon in the human race.
    Most of the time people believe these things aren't proven because of ignorance or refusal to acknowledge the massive amounts of evidence supporting a claim. Example. There is no doubt we've been to the moon. But the only proof some people will take is actually being put on the moon by NASA and seeing the flag, and footprints and the rover themselves. Nothing else will satisfy such people. It doesn't matter how much evidence you provide supporting the fact we've been to the moon. Unless they themselves see it for themselves they simply will not believe it. That is an example of a verifiable fact being refused by a fringe minority.

    On the other extreme, there are people who can not provide any hard evidence proving the existence of whatever universal being they believe in but expect everyone to believe in it. And billions do. They believe it so hard that they give money to churches, mosques, temples and synagogs. All of this without physical evidence proving their claims.

    The reactions human race can be quite weird when it comes to "evidence".
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