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Thread: Should the census count illegals?

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    Re: Should the census count illegals?

    Quote Originally Posted by RightinNYC View Post
    If only that were so simple. There's a solid contingent here who would tell you that no means yes and up means down.

    Yes, because the laws made in Congress affect them like everyone else. If we include felons and children, I don't see why we shouldn't count illegals.
    Honestly, as long as they are counted as undocumented illegal aliens, I have no issue with it.

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    Re: Should the census count illegals?

    Quote Originally Posted by Cochise View Post
    Indigenous cultural boundaries are not formed by national divisions. Or have you already forgotten this?

    I suppose you've never heard of the Jay Treaty regarding the U.S.-Canada border or the Tohono O'odham nation, or even the "binational" Apache. That tends to happen when you watch The Road to El Dorado too many times and assume that every redskin south of the border is an "Aztec."

    Or better yet, the illegal Europeans. I think you'd be happier in your homeland, anchor baby.

    The Mescalero reservation is in New Mexico. Since you apparently read user profiles with the same proficiency as posts, I live in Arizona, within the confines of the Navajo reservation, but as I'm certainly not a Navajo, I'm afraid I wouldn't be a chief, lad.
    Then why call yourself 'Cochise'?.....
    Navajo, Apache...No big difference....
    Either you live in the U.S. or not.....
    What tribe you are from has no bearing on whether you are a U.S. citizen or not......
    Once the indians were conquered & subjugated, their tribes became irrelevant, other than the government throwing them some scraps so they could survive.....
    The indians up here got a good deal as there was no way they could be pushed further west.....
    Like I said, indians pretty much get a free pass, I'm OK with that....

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