Was there a cover up in the slaying of Amy Bishop's brother by her as a teenager? If so, how responsible is the then police chief John Polio for her subsequent crimes? She also was also questioned in the mail bomb directed at a professor Paul Rosenberg, from whom she was concerned about receiving a negative evaluation on her doctrinal thesis.

Braintree chief: We let Alabama slay suspect go in ‘86 shooting of brother - BostonHerald.com

On Dec. 6, 1986, Frazier said, then-20-year-old Amy Bishop blasted her brother, Seth Bishop, 18 - described in newspaper reports at the time as a talented violinist and science student - with a shotgun during an argument, fled the family’s Victorian manse and was later arrested by cops at gunpoint.

That, Frazier said, is where the investigation of the case stopped.

However, the Norfolk district attorney’s office noted last night, state police did investigate the shooting. Their records back up the longstanding version of events - that the shooting was accidental. Bishop’s arrest is never mentioned in the state police report, nor is the alleged argument with her brother.

Frazier said he used interviews with retired Braintree cops to piece together what happened 23 years ago. He has requested a sit-down with the DA’s office regarding the case.

According to Frazier, then-Chief John Polio ordered cops to release Bishop - whose mother, Judith Bishop, Frazier said was a public official sitting on the Personnel Committee.
It sounds to me that this Bishop's family was influential, had just lost their son, and wanted to protect their surviving child. The records have disappeared, and the whole thing looks suspicious. An unbalanced person was set free in my opinion. I think the police chief bears some responsibility here. If one of my family members was killed in this tragedy, I would want to sue him.