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Progressive taxes are designed to be proportional to wealth, to prevent the regressive situation we are in today where 20% of the population owns 80% of the wealth.

Than your position is counter productive to your goal, because the more wealth you take from people, the more you make them dependent on the government.

It was why the progressive tax was created in the first place and why we have a middle class now which is slowly deteriorating due to the shift in tax burden away from the wealthy onto the middle class.
No, the more handouts you give people the more dependent you make them on the government and probably on those politicians you support

I love the t hought that progressive income taxes actually help the poor. They don't. IF that were true we wouldn't have so many poor today and the wealth skew would not be that great. What progressive income taxes does is transfer wealth from those who earn it to other elites who benefit from the government having lots of wealth--not the poor and that is why rich dems support such taxation