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Personally, I'll take the government that governs the least.
Would be nice, but we have a whole lot of undoing to do to have that kind of government, and the left will squeal like pigs when the process begins.

On a lighter note; lighter in that it is coming from our pockets. (Just think, she and her cronies shat upon CEO's flying in their jets):

Doug Ross reported on the latest t*rd to float to the surface in the Pelosi swamp.

Apparently, the Speaker has been using the US military to taxi her kids and grand kids across the country without any US Representatives even on board. The cost of each flight is up to $18,000 per hour.

... the United States Air Force is serving as a ... baby-sitting service for Nancy Pelosiís kids and grandkids...

Time for her to reimburse The People for every penny with interest, and then resign her post.