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Blacks should be concerned about illegal immigration a lot more than they are. They're often the one's whose jobs are taken. How exactly do the democrats help black people anyway? The Republicans would lift them out of the whole ghetto mentality. Republicans talk all the time about how to get more blacks in the party. Particularly when the whole tea party idea came up.

After Katrina we got innundated with Hondurans and Mexicans. Busloads of them in a mile-long caravans - clearly paid by some big organization (US government?) They never lived here at all like other Southern cities. Watching them work was mind boggling. They would stand on my balcony rail and fall foreward till they caught the roof edge. Slate patio below. On a windy day they would walk across the roofs holding sheets of plywood. About every roof was replaced.

But the first time I had the house painted and jazzed up the crew was black and did an excellent job. What happened to those guys after Katrina? Were they all in Houston? That all made me mad that our native citizens were being pushed out it seems.

Caravans of buses taking away our citizens to the west while busloads were coming in from the west. It all got like zero attention but I had to travel a lot those first few days. Of course the illegals were all being cheered and welcomed on the highway. I sorta had no idea who they were at first but nobody denied they were illegal immigrants and nobody ever got a fine for hiring them.
Just some thoughts this morning.
They were getting hired for $5 off the books by the 10th tier subcontractor who was making $800 for nailing a blue tarp on the roof....