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No, I use the GDP value I would always use. Read your own wikipedia article. They also say that GDP (nominal) is not for comparisons.
Of course it is for comparison. The numbers are real, but who gives a **** about someone on wikipedias OPINION. You my friend need to learn to seperate valuable information from junk.

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No it''s not real GDP growth per capita for the US is larger than the EU. EU-15 from 2001 had a average growth rate of 1.5%, while the US had a growth rate of 2.6%.
Those numbers seem true enough. Yet the productive growth per hour is better in Europe, because people are now enjoying expanded rights to hollidays and time of from work, while productivity is increasing.
Its wrong to think a society with high GDP per capita where people have a less good lifestyle is a better place than a society with a better lifestyle and slightly lower GDP.

This is why GDP is fallacy, and doesnt really represent economic and social reality in a good way.

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You are delusional about the world and you don't even know the real GDP growth for the US and EU.

Funny then that you quote Eurozone numbers and leave EU numbers outside. No I dont know them in my head, but I can easily find them for you on eurostat if you would like?

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How the heck should you be able to compare which country who perform best?
Thats the best question you have asked. It should definetely not be defined by GDP only, nor human development index. Statistics cant show the real differences between societies.

I believe a broad measure of different statistics, and all economic indicators, the lifestyle of the people, their leisure, the success of companies, the generosity of the state, diversity and several other things, make up my impression of how successfull a state is.

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When you don't know such basic facts, then you should admit that you don't really know very much about the economy. And I'm not even from the US, so why should I be a US nationalist. I'm from Europe. In reality it is you who are the nationalist.
I like discussing with you, you are funny

Norwegian, just like me.. Norwegians are completely delusional about the reality, and enjoy the same US brainwashing they do in the US(almost).. There is a reason I left Norway, not just one, but many actually.

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No, I'm just using iceland as an example to show how wrong you are by using nominal figures. It doesn't matter what state Iceland is, is the productivity halved?
A country like Canada just ranks slightly above United Arab Emirates in GDP PPP, yet people are far richer in Canada on average than they are in UAE, and there is far less poverty.

Learn that production isnt everything, and you will START to understand economics.

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Your argument that GDP PPP is catching up is completly wrong. Companies are doing badly in Europe too. What did recently happend with Saab? That's certinally a traditional company. I would also prefer to use statistics, rather than listing companies who failed. Although GM didn't fail, Saab did.
No it isnt.. European global purcashing power is amazing. The strong Euro, makes Europeans rich, wherever they go, while Americans with their lousy dollar are poorer and poorer.
Shall I also explain why European purchasing power is increasing and American one decreasing for the same reason?

Lower currency value = higher price of goods from abroad, higher producer prices, higher inflation
Higher currency value = lower cost of goods from abroad, lower producer prices and in general room for REAL income growth(increase wages - inflation).

Saab was owned by GM man... Of course they failed.

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I didn't ask what is made in Europe, although certinally not all good machinery is produced in Europe.
Fair enough, but I asked you to look at all sectors in forbes 2000, and you didnt. If you did, and started weighting up the different sectors where European companies dominate vs Americans ones, you would see the favourable European advantage. Being that they dominate more important sectors.

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I asked you how much in your house is made by your home country. The fact is Europe is heavily dependant on trade, much more than the US too.
Untrue. Americans imports more from outside its borders than does the EU, while the EU exports more to outside its borders than the US. These two factors completely invalidate your absurd claim, especially taken into consideration that European GDP is higher than the US GDP.

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Hence, you need to compete, because beeing rich today doesn't mean beeing rich tomorrow. If all goods you produce in your own country has low value in the market, then you won't be able to import very much either.
Since you are Norwegian, I do advise you to listen to your own words and agree with me, that its time for our country to take action and prepare for our future instead of wasting our time and money.

Good thing durable goods, machinery, chemicals and such are highly valued goods then. More so than media and software.

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You really think you are flawless, do you?
Not at all. I know much better than thinking that.

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Everything you do is perfect?
No, but I have a much broader area of knowledge to base my conclusions on. Understanding for example ONLY economics since you were educated in that, doesnt mean you actually understand economics better than a person who understands a broad range of topics included economics, without being an expert in any of them, he can compete in all of them, because he have so much additional information.

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What about the problems I listed, which your answer was interesting and no answer. Aren't those problems? No, they are not opportunities.
I didnt have time. Sorry!

I also think a population decrease would be a positive thing for our future. Its not about increasing everything, thats not the way to go, the way to go is to make everything better.

I certainly hope things will get much worse, that immigrants will be expelled, that birthrates go down drastically. In the end that would be very positive.

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You also hate the US, don't you?
No, but I am not in love and delusional about it.

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I just used the ranking like your source made it. So if I am delusional for using the ranking, then those making the list must also be delusional.
Again, I told you to go through every sector, but you didnt.

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You have pretty much no knowledge of the world, and in your head you think yourself are perfect. You are not.
Incorrect, incorrect, correct.