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Thread: Political agendas and children - What say you?

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    Re: Political agendas and children - What say you?

    Quote Originally Posted by TheGirlNextDoor View Post
    We all have our own ideas about how our country should be run. Some favor a different welfare system, others are against abortion. Some want a flat tax, others believe the Constitution should be re-written.

    When you have children things become a bit complicated. Parents tend to pass on their own political beliefs to their children, but that is normally something that happens over time. Just being exposed to family members during daily living and of course, children hear and observe more than we realize at times.

    Having said that, I'm curious. How many of you would buy a 'children's book' that had a political agenda?

    Now I know over the years there have been children's books with semi-hidden political messages... but I'm talking more about the blatant, in-your-face sorts of political agendas that *in my personal opinion* don't belong in children's books.

    My opinion is that while children pick up on political trends and opinions through their parents, that it's also the responsiblity of parents to teach their children to keep an open mind about things - to think critically and not just read something and go along with it because it's what mom and dad believe.

    A few examples of what I'm talking about are below:

    These are only a few examples and some are not as bad and some are much worse. I was floored actually, to learn that there were more than just a couple of these kinds of books.

    Point is - there has to be a market for these types of children's books, otherwise they wouldn't get published.

    MY question is - why as a parent would you purchase such a (IMHO) partisan book for your child?

    Why or why not?
    Never seen books like this but my daughter was looking for cloths for her 18 month old on amazon the other day and we were both pretty shocked at the slogans on t shirts for that age. For example a picture of boobs and My Dad Loves these written underneath and various other things about how drunk Mum is and so on.

    I found it all a bit sick.

    The books sound the same.
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    Re: Political agendas and children - What say you?

    Quote Originally Posted by Scarecrow Akhbar View Post
    It was?

    There was a Democrat, there was a Republican, there were other candidates who weren't going to win no how.

    That's pretty much the way of American politics since Lincoln.

    What was special about it?


    You mean the fawning media coverage of the Messiah!

    Yeah, that was different.

    Well, not really, they do pretty much the same kind of promotional and cover-up thing for all Democrat candidates lately.

    So really, what was the special event you're talking about?
    I knew someone was going to try to argue against this. In case you haven't noticed, Barack Obama is black.

    Poll: Majority say Obama election historic -
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    Re: Political agendas and children - What say you?

    These books that we have seen are not about politics, they are about biased and irrational partisanship.

    If I had a baby Einstein that would be able to understand a book on political theory then I guess I would say yes - But the average kid would not be able to understand, and it would only lead to misconceptions.

    Better off reading something else that's educational so that the child can gain a strong foundation to make rational political decisions in the future.
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