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This thread went pretty much how I thought it would. And I am glad to see it. The reason that I asked such an obviously answerable question is because of gay marriage.

We've had SOOO many individuals here state unequivocally that the majority of people voted against gay marriage and basically said that is the way that it should be. Because the majority voted to not allow it. It started making me wonder if people actually thought that is how the Constitution worked. Through majority rule.

My next thread in this section will be asking the next obvious question.
Obviously, the answer is Individual rights.

In the case of the "gay marriage or no gay marriage" question, I am one of those persons who think the proper route would be to eliminate marriage as a legal process, replacing it with civil unions. Leave the decision of who can marry who to the various religions.
As always throughout history (as far as I am aware), mixing religion and civil issues has caused problems in the long run.