View Poll Results: Is Google trying to be politically correct?

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  • Yes, it's obvious they want to avoid a specifically Christmas image

    44 64.71%
  • It could be. I didn't see any Hanukkah ones either this year, come to think of it...

    9 13.24%
  • I doubt it, why would they do that?

    7 10.29%
  • Some Athiest probably complained and Google caved.

    8 11.76%
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Thread: Is Google trying to be Politically Correct ?

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    Re: Is Google trying to be Politically Correct ?

    Quote Originally Posted by Cilogy View Post
    It seems more and more prevalent that whenever the site changes its front page logo, it looks less and less like the "oogle." Pretty soon its just gonna be a "G" followed by some random pictures.
    And the "G" isn't always in the recognizable google typeface. Looks crappy.
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    Re: Is Google trying to be Politically Correct ?

    I'm just betting that everyone who complains here about Google's Christmas tribute is going to continue using Google search. Personally I thought it was way more creative than just a typical cliche Christmas tree and Reindeer logo.

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    Re: Is Google trying to be Politically Correct ?

    Quote Originally Posted by MyOwnDrum View Post
    Here's a blog piece that addresses this. According to one respondent 'Happy Holidays' is strictly an American phrase used to avoid saying the 'C' word.
    Google doodles a "Happy Holidays" - Pocket-lint

    I think I'm going to boycott Google. They honor every other stupid day on their site, but want to pretend that Christmas doesn't exist?

    I think it's time that people who are bothered by this make our voices heard, just like the whiners who are exorcising Christmas from our cultural landscape have done.
    Yes...all three of you are really going to hurt Google...go for it.
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