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Since he's only been in officer for a short time, I'll give him a C (overall).

To be more specific, this is how I would grade him so far:

Economy: C - Again, only time will tell, but at the moment I think he could be cutting spending in some areas.

Foreign Policy: F - He broke his promise not to send more troops, and he's continuing down the road of Bush's foreign policy.

Health Care: D - I know Congress is mostly taking the lead on this, but both Obama and the Democrats need to show some leadership. The health care bill has been watered down. Major reform needs to be done.

Social Issues: A - Since we are focused on fixing the economy and reforming health care, I don't expect him to do much in this area for now.. But so far he has decided not to prosecute Medical Cannabis patients. That is enough for me right now. After the serious issues are dealt with, I'm hoping he will end "Don't Ask Don't Tell."

Like I said.. It's a little too early, but next year I will say more.
I agree with you on all except 2 grades. For foreign policy, he did say he was going to dispatch troops to Afghanistan, as well as move troops out of Iraq. Thats happening.

For the economy, we can't especially give him a grade. Bernanke was the one who drooped rates, and established the TARP idea (I might be wrong on that), all Obama really did was give Bernanke free rein with the funds. I think for doing that, he deserves a B- or so, mainly because he didn't do much directly except talk, but his subordinates managed to avert a Greater Depression, so he gets some credit for that. The thing keeping him from an B+ or above, is the fact that regulation is still not established, and we still haven't recovered even half way, so there is still a lot of room for error, which would, again, be by his subordinates, but it would still reflect on him a certain amount.