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  • Yes, absolutely, our children are too precious to risk injury!

    14 11.38%
  • It should be banned only for certain age groups

    5 4.07%
  • It should be regulated. Only approved dodgeball equipment should be used!

    8 6.50%
  • It should be allowed.

    12 9.76%
  • What a ridiculous idea. Our culture has gone soft!

    84 68.29%
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Thread: Should Dodgeball be Banned

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    Re: Should Dodgeball be Banned

    In 10th grade our gym teacher was an 80 year old who didn't like to walk all the way outside. About half of that year was spent playing free-for-all dodgeball in the wrestling room (small room with padded walls and floor). Best gym class ever

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    Re: Should Dodgeball be Banned

    Quote Originally Posted by Dav View Post
    When I was in elementary school, dodgeball was banned when someone got their arm broken playing it. I can see the rationale behind that decision, but I still think it was stupid. Note that the boy involved went on to get an arm broken twice more within the next two years.
    In this case though, the school district is considering banning dodgeball for everyone, just because a kid got hurt when some kids used soccer balls without permission instead of normal rubber dodge balls.

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