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Thread: Drug Policy

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    Re: Drug Policy

    Quote Originally Posted by NEUROSPORT View Post
    Government drug adviser David Nutt sacked | Politics |

    the article is pretty much self explanatory. read it then vote in the poll.
    Did not have to read it to know your first choice is correct.
    Quote Originally Posted by Absentglare View Post
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    Re: Drug Policy

    Quote Originally Posted by neurosport View Post
    government drug adviser david nutt sacked | politics |

    the article is pretty much self explanatory. Read it then vote in the poll.
    bwahahahaha! Oh wow!

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    Re: Drug Policy

    Quote Originally Posted by NEUROSPORT View Post
    don't make me laugh.

    effects of ecstasy purely destructive ? love and happiness is purely destructive ? you're reading form the wrong script bro.

    i don't recall seeing any stories in the news about the husband taking ecstasy then beating his wife to death.

    and as far as use vs abuse. you can also take a pill of ecstasy and look at it instead of swallowing - won't eat any holes in your brain that way. you will get about as much out of looking at a pill of X as you would from not abusing alcohol.

    no we're talking about THERAPEUTIC DOSE here. meaning one that HAS EFFECT.

    you sacrifice about 1/10th as much to get effect from X as you do to get effect from Alcohol.

    taking X once a month is not abuse. getting drunk even once is already abuse. and if you're not getting drunk - then what is the point ?

    the point of Alcohol is to abuse it.
    I think maybe you should research the effects of ecstasy on the brain. What you have written here is gibberish. There is scientific evidence which states that moderate consumption of alcohol has health benefits. So obviously alcohol isn't damaging all the time, moderate use is alright. It does fall off steeply with over consumption, of course, and can lead to many bad things. Ecstasy, sure it makes you feel good. Way better than alcohol, to get anywhere close a result with alcohol you have to drink A LOT. But it has terrible effects on the brain in terms of chemical transmitters/receptors and activity from the word go.
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