View Poll Results: Who should be sent as an emergency reponse to the weapons caches in schools?

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  • Marines

    4 19.05%
  • Police SWAT teams

    7 33.33%
  • Army Special Forces

    4 19.05%
  • Navy Seals

    4 19.05%
  • Super Friends

    7 33.33%
  • Hellboy

    8 38.10%
  • Janet Reno and the 10th Amazon Battalion

    7 33.33%
  • Hamas

    6 28.57%
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Thread: Maries, Swat, Special Forces, NAVY SEALS or Super Friends

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    Re: Marines, Swat, Special Forces, NAVY SEALS or Super Friends

    Quote Originally Posted by TurtleDude View Post
    send the idiots who came up with zero tolerance into situations involving the MS-13, the Russian Mafia, the Triad or the Sendero Luminoso

    I agree. It is absurd to make policies which force any entity to enforce the letter of the rules, and ignore the spirit of the rules. Rules in the school environment exist to provide the best possible learning environment for kids, that includes ensuring a safe environment. Some rules just seem arbitrary and stupid. When that is the case, then the rules should be changed to again create the best possible atmosphere for learning.
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    Re: Maries, Swat, Special Forces, NAVY SEALS or Super Friends

    None of the above, of course.
    Me, as a moderator and adviser
    The school board president
    The gangster leader
    The student council president
    The teachers union rep
    some parents with a bit of intellect
    Then we all stand and resolve this problem...
    I'd really look into this
    the cause, the response
    These must be known.

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