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What part of Commander in Chiefof the Army, Navy, Airforce, National Guard & Militia do you not understand?

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What part of the president can't violate regulations, nor circumvent the chain of command don't you understand? Even the CIC is subject to the rules. he can't just issue orders at will, without sending those orders through the proper channels.

It's like this: I'm a company commander. The president gives me, personally, direct orders to move my company into a position that isn't consistant with the battalion commander's plan. I ask if the battalion, brigade and division commanders are aware of these orders. I'm told that they are not. I'm under no legal, nor military obligation to follow such an order, without first insureing that my chain of command is aware of my change in battle position.

IOW, the president can't just do whatever the hell he wants and I don't care if the God in Chief.