When John Adams was President, Pres and VP were either elected separately or represented whomever got the most electoral votes and who got the next greatest. I don't recall which. John Adams was George Washington's VP. Thomas Jefferson and John Adams were dire enemies, probably because Adams defended the Brit soldiers who were responsible for the Boston Massacre. Adams was the next Pres with Jefferson as his VP. During his entire tenure as VP, Jefferson lambasted Adams in the press and at every public occassion. Apparently the truthfulness or personal nature of the attacks didn't deter Jefferson. Jefferson, of course, succeeded Adams and his VP was Aaron Burr. The legislature actually decided who was Pres because they both had the same number of electoral votes. You probably remember Aaron Burr for killing Alexander Hamilton in a duel.

Civil then? Think Not! Civil now? Much better thank you!

IMO, people do seem to be a little more sensitive now though.