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If it happened, provide the quotes smear boy.

You know I can provide quotes of you lying and flipflopping, so where is your credibility now ? Liar flip flopper and unsubstantiated accusation slinger, the Trifecta

Your 4 year old is, right, because you said she is "free" right ?

Or was you saying she was "free" just another one of your lies ?

False, whether you are aware of it or not.

I agree, all of your attempts to use your daughter as a Red Herring distraction are thus.

You said free, and you apparently lied, or are a terrible parent, which is it ?

You can stop using your poorly parented daughter as a red herring anytime you choose.
Well, it seems that, yet again... attempting to communicate with you in the hopes that you will be reasonable, logical, honest or interesting is a complete and utter waste of time. At least you are consistent kiddo.