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There are nine banks that received $175 billion in taxpayer money last year under TARP. Of these nine, only $50bn have has been paid back. We now know that these nine banks will be handing out a total of $32.6 billion in bonuses for 2009. The headline in the WSJ read "Nine Lenders That Got U.S. Aid Paid at Least $1 Million Each to 5,000 Employees"

Is this our money, or theirs?

If it is ours, can we, or do we have the right to seizure?

Do we leave this alone and just let them pay back at their schedule?
Pfft, Bankers are beyond lucky they do not have someone like me in charge.

I would strip every single one of those CEO's who played a role in this mess by their neglect or mismanagement of their private fortune, stop them from getting anymore bonuses and laugh in their face if they asked for a bailout and direct them to the trash bin

Maybe that'll teach the others to toe the line o.O