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Theres reports flying about everywhere that Obama is not an American citizen, there is no birth certificate record of him being from Hawai, and above all, that Obama has adopted the faith of his father, and is actually a muslim.

Now, America claims to be the land of the free, and the most modernized, liberal country, so why does the media feel like its a scandal that Obama may be a Muslim, and why are so many American citizens sensitive to the issue? Why have many in the American public adopted the attitude of the media and too do believe if he is a Muslim, it is a scandal? So what if he WAS a Muslim? How would the populace react if he was an open Atheist or Agnostic? Is religion, and this backwards way of thinking, still very prevelant in the most Westernized country in the world?
At this point my problem would be that he hid his religion, not that he was Muslim.