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Thread: How Is Your Life Different?

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    Re: How Is Your Life Different?

    Quote Originally Posted by Sanitas View Post
    My life hasn't really changed.

    I do believe, however, that my life will become better. I'm leaving for college next summer and with all of the planned college programs in Obama's agenda, I can only be optimistic.

    Plus, I might be able to aquire the ganja more easily!

    Just playing!

    So when are you going to thank me for paying for your college....

    Will you be sending me money to pay for the college I had to pay for my self?

    The sense of entitlement, JEESH! What has become of my country,.
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    Re: How Is Your Life Different?

    About the same for me, busy, busy, started getting busy in the last year of the Bush Presidency and cant keep up now. My business… I haul machinery, mostly from companies going bankrupt (industrial auctions).

    A good deal of it going offshore.This isn’t the way it used to be, my main business was/is hauling logging equipment kinda morphed into this over the last year or so.
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