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Pedos don't only molest two kids. I think if he was a bonafide pedo, we'd hear more accusations. Most kids who hung out with him sang his praises, even the child celebs.
That's not a very sensible statement.
"Pedos" don't molest every child they come into contact with, and not all molestation victims tell. In fact, I'd venture to say most don't.
Pedophile priests are a good example.
Often they have engaged in illegal acts with minors for decades before some 45-year-old finally reports that Father Timothy diddled him 36 years ago when he was an alter boy at St Rose of Lima.
These priests have often been associated with Catholic schools and athletics for fifty years or more, and had contact with tens of thousands of kids.
But at most, there might be another four, five, or six victims come forward to testify against the pedophile; often, there's only one other, sometimes there are no others, and very rarely are there more than a dozen.
Then there are multitudes of parishioners, former students, and parents of former students who insist that Father Whatever was a living saint, a gentle soul who would never dream of harming a fly.

It means nothing. It's just the way it is.