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Thread: Do You Support "Cap and Trade?"

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    Re: Do You Support "Cap and Trade?"

    Quote Originally Posted by Dav View Post

    Cap and Trade will put the greatest burden on the poor: as a percent of household income, the average burden will be
    6.2% for the bottom quintile,
    3.2% for the second quintile,
    2.4% for the middle quintile,
    2.0% for the fourth quintile, and
    1.4% for the highest quintile.

    The economic impact is calculable. The environmental impact is not.
    you think that is bad, you should do a breakdown of "sin tax"

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    Re: Do You Support "Cap and Trade?"

    The biggest tax increase in the world to solve a problem that may or may not be solvable and that may or may not be happening. It is completely undefensible and rash! This is what is happening. Links to the data/proof can be found at this web site.

    Temperatures are in decline
    Polar ice extent is near normal
    The oceans are cooling
    There are fewer violent storms
    Solar activity is changing

    Besides, trees love CO2.
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    Re: Do You Support "Cap and Trade?"

    For all you guys who bought houses which were built before "Green" certification, good luck when you go to sell, because you're in for a nice little surprise.

    And if even if you built a house recently that's up to "Green" standards (as I did), well, the whim of Washington bureaucrats being what they are, you may well be in for that surprise as well . . .
    It's not "tolerance" if you already approve of what you purport to "tolerate."

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    Re: Do You Support "Cap and Trade?"

    Quote Originally Posted by ronpaulvoter View Post
    Do You Support "Cap and Trade?"

    This past Friday, the House of Representitives voted in favor of the controversial bill called "Cap and Trade." Eight Republicans voted for it--enough to get it through.

    Neal Boortz calls it "The greatest tax increase in American history." It will cost trillions of dollars.

    How do you like it? Vote.
    I am sure others have pointed this out, Anything that cost companies more money cost us more money because those companies just as they do with everything else pass those cost to the consumer. So Boortz is right it is a tax increase that most Americans will pay.

    These cap and trade morons are like the twits who think somehow fines were hurting big tobacco, when in reality big tobacco around that time owned Kraft and other food and beverage brands.So it wasn't big tobacco who was paying the fines it was the person buying the cheese,milk,cereal, and other foods and beverages.Companies pass the cost of doing business onto the consumer.
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