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Thread: Career politicans?

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    Re: Career politicans?

    Maybe you're a fan of throwing the baby out with the bath-water, but that's not how I do business.
    I'm already gearing up for Finger Vote 2014.

    Just for reference, means my post was a giant steaming pile of sarcasm.

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    Re: Career politicans?

    Quote Originally Posted by Cephus View Post
    But they *ARE* a huge problem. Back in February when the California State Legislature was locked in session to work on the budget problem, they were forced to sleep in session. The only time they left the room was to go out in the hall and call their union bosses to find out how they ought to vote.
    I'm highly skeptical of this. Got proof?

    The California Prison Guard union buys votes regularly and is almost solely responsible for the pathetic state of the California prison system. They want as many people in prison as they can so they have job security. SEIU demanded a contract where none of their 95,000+ members can ever be laid off or have pay or pension cuts for any reason.
    I agree that unions have too much power, but I think you're overstating things. One important reason prisons are so fowled up is that politicians are afraid to show anything resembling reform of the prison system, or they'll be seen as "soft on crime" and voted out. And the government can always refuse union demands, and make them strike. It's how free market works.

    The unions in California are about as close to criminal organizations as you can get, a lot of them cross the line but have so many politicians and judges in their pockets, they can do so with immunity.
    Uh huh... right... are they run by the Illumanati?
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