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Thread: Revolution?

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    Re: Revolution?

    Marx said that before Communism could exist two things had to occur basically. First, capitalism had to conquere the globe, and this is very close to being a reality. Second, societies had to evolve through different forms of government.
    That is to say the evolution of government is: feudalism->industrialization->capitalism->socialism->communism. Europe is ahead of the game as they are older and already in socialism.
    I'm not going to even pick this apart, so I'll just let you know it's completely wrong.

    Very good post. However, reform be what it may, Capitalists are searching out ever cheaper labor and operating costs, and in doing so are knocking down borders and national barriers. We live in a global economy now. How much longer before the haves and the have nots exist, absent a Middle Class which is under constant attack.
    This will never happen.

    capitalism is voluntary association

    The socialism you advocate through government is not voluntary.
    I think you have those switched around, mate.

    I have an excellent picture of socialism:

    30,000,000 civillians murdered, Germany WWII.
    50,000,000 civillians murdered, USSR
    20,000,000 civillians murdered, China
    3,000,000 civillians murdered, Cambodia
    Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge were primitivists and the rest weren't socialist.

    I'd have to search out how many people were murdered by Castro and Che Gueverra, and the other wonderful socialists of South America, but right off the top of my head, socialism is responsible for a minimum of 103,000,000 dead people in less than fifty years.
    This is obviously false; even the infamous Black Book didn't get that high, and the authors of that book admitted that they exaggerated the death toll.

    If an American Revolution were to occur, and for some unforeseen events led to the toppling of the current regime the rebuilding process would not turn into a Marxist Communism, as to rebuild one would require the most productive style of Economy-- Capitalism.
    The rebuilding of...what?

    The power of Capitalism draws humans, as it is our nature to provide for our people and for our family.
    If it is our nature to provide for people then she would have given the bread away.

    You are aware that the word "Nazi" was short for Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei , or National Socialist German Workers Party, right?

    See there? That magic word? "Socialist".
    This was already demolished.

    All socialists have a serious disconnect understanding history, since they want to pretend that some mysterious economic force rules the world when in the reality what rules human actions is the people making those events happen.
    It seems that you have a serious disconnect understanding socialists.

    Yes, Stalin, Cheese, Mayo, Pol Pot, Castro, Hitler, Hussein, Mugabe, and all the rest have modified some nonsensical generic whitebread of socialism to fit their own agenda of power acquisition and murder. It's what socialism is for.
    And a serious disconnect understanding history.

    I'm speaking of the real kind of socialism we see in the real world. Where people are forced to submit to a "greater good"
    That's nationalism, not socialism.

    What you're trying to say is the equivalent of saying that Southern Baptists aren't Christians, nor are Lutherans, Mormons (Mormons are christians, just ask one), Methodists, Catholics, or Branch Davidians.

    The fact is that they're all Christians, and all the dictators I listed are all socialists.
    Except we're discussing political ideology here, and not religion. It takes a little more than claiming to adhere to a political ideology.

    It's called realpolitik.

    You're both wrong.
    No u

    I don't think anyone in this thread has offered up a sufficient definition of what socialism actually is.

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    Re: Revolution?

    Quote Originally Posted by Khayembii Communique View Post
    I think you have those switched around, mate.
    no. I have them correctly identified. My economic system requires a belief in natural rights, the other one requires a belief in unicorns and/or benevolent dictators.

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