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Thread: Is Democracy Dangerous?

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    Re: Is Democracy Dangerous?

    Quote Originally Posted by Redress View Post
    democracy as it is in the US today is not inherantly dangerous in and of itself. It can do dangerous things if we are not vigilant, but of itself, it is not dangerous.
    I'd agree and I don't think we're in any real danger of slipping into an authoriatarian state like some people claim. That said, I do believe there has been a slow chipping away of the sacredness of an individual's inalienable rights. Slowly but surely we are accepting more and more government regulation and intrusion in our everyday lives - intrusion that limits our freedom to make our own choices and to live with the consequences of those choices.

    And its not just government policy, but a change in the way we view it. I've seen people openly state that don't care about the rights of Group X, they just want their agenda (or preferences) put in place. That should never be acceptable. Violating the rights of one group sets a precedent for violating the rights of any group.

    Right now as a people and a nation we still cherish individual liberties and rights, but we're becoming more accepting of small exceptions. I do fear that if the day ever comes when Americans stops respecting the rights of all citizens, democracy could lead us to some very dark places.
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    Re: Is Democracy Dangerous?

    Quote Originally Posted by Burning Giraffe View Post
    In another thread titled, "More Americans are Pro-Life than Pro-Choice", it occurred to me, as it often does, that Americans seem to believe that because a majority of people want a certain thing or are against a certain thing, that the government should give the people what they want.


    A Constitutional Republic, which is what we really used to be, protected us from the majority and from the government. Now, it would seem, we have very little protection from either.
    You bet it is.

    I hate democracy on most levels outside of a small group.

    Universal voting privileges are squarely to blame for most of the garbage the state and federal government is doing.

    One of the biggest fails passed as truth is convincing most people that everyone should have a voice.
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