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Thread: How to Revive the Republican Party

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    Re: How to Revive the Republican Party

    Quote Originally Posted by Scarecrow Akhbar View Post
    Yeah, there's no point in mentioning a surplus that didn't exist.
    Yeah lets just forget the one before the stock market bubble popped.

    and you are missing the important part about government budgets from limiting that to there being a budget or surplus.

    The important party is if the debt to GDP ration is increasing or decreasing. And if you look at

    You will see that after Bush senior did the smart move to increase taxes, the ratio started to level off from rapid increases in the debt to GDP increases under Reagan and the rest of Bush senior's term. Clinton did a great job to increase taxes to keep it steady and decrease the the debt to GDP.

    Tax increases are normally smart if it doesn't include an increase in spending along with it.

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    Re: How to Revive the Republican Party

    Great post, CA.

    I don't think many would believe it but at one time I was a Republican, then I shifted to Independent, then I shifted to a Democrat.

    Looking back, I think the core reason for the shifts came down to the social conservative issues.

    I have been a republican all my life. A conservative too. That is, until they changed the definitions. Now, according to some, I am a left-wing, pinko, commie, homo-lovin, liberal.'

    But I don't think I could ever go democrat either. I am a rebel without a clue I suppose.

    I'm kind of a Goldwater conservative (minus the pro-segregation position.)

    Truth be known, I am more of a long haired-country boy. Old school, a little (ok, a lot) red. Pro-gun, pro-life, Matt Kenseth fan. Patriotic and pro-troops/military. But I believe in live and let live and being cool to one another.

    In the GOP's effort to "purify" it looks like they lost two votes between you and I. Way to go GOP!
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    It's GREAT to be me. --- "45% liberal/55% conservative"
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