In Sweden it has been done along time then children are born, that having DNA from every citizen in a country can be very vital for scientific research. But the parents can of course say no and then you turn 18 you can ask for you DNA to be removed. It also a strict condition that the DNA should be only used for scientific reasons. But then the swedish foreign minister got killed the database was used for tracking down the killer. A strict violation of the rules, but with little objections because of special situation. Sens that the DNA havn't been any more case their the police have gain access to the DNA. I personally endorsed the database for scientific reason so long it's on voluntary bases. Also that the police should not gain access. Yes you can debate it's use extreme situations but even then you should really think it over.

Building up databases from the population have been taking much further in other countries. Their you can really talk about abuse. Like form example Iceland, their they passed a law that a private company get access to all the medical data from the population.

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