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Missile strikes are only good at destroying major facilities or camps. And you can count the number of those under Taliban control on one hand.

The only way to stop the Taliban from advancing is with troops on the ground...either ours or Pakistan's. It would be a mistake to put our own troops on the ground, since that would further radicalize the population and destabilize the government at precisely the moment when we cannot afford to do that. For that matter, missile strikes would do the same thing...and would be less effective at accomplishing the goal in the first place.

The only sensible course of action right now is to assist Pakistan's military behind the scenes.

Ok. well..

Maybe you're right.

Honestly, I just want the Taliban stopped. I don't much care how it happens.

Since Pakistan's military is currently kicking the **** out of the Taliban, I am willing to go with it.

Our government has already offered $110 Million to aid Pakistan.