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I do not believe that Africa and Latin America have languished in horrific poverty for centuries simply because they're all terrible people who deserve it. Rather, the conditions of poverty, lack of education, lack of equal rights etc, were generally imposed and institutionalized from without. And although classical colonialism may be over, such impositions always perpetuate more ugliness. Again, as I said, none of us here can say that (having known only violence and poverty our entire lives) we would not resort to criminal activity if it was the only means to feed ourselves and our families.
I doubt that the Somali people are genetically predisposed to evil, or that they simply all enjoy the pirate lifestyle. Rather, they find themselves born into inhuman conditions of poverty and violence with no real options. If we want to end the problem of piracy, we will have to first end inhuman conditions of poverty.

I didn't say it'd be easy.

Its from within and without.

They are loaned tons of money from without to buildup the country and the local corrupt governments take that money and use it elsewhere. The people are taxed into poverty, poisoned, and sold up the river (by their own 2 warlords in this specific case) in order to pay that debt. It is a vicious cycle.