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Style over substance gets most libs.

.. and that's how we get Obama... not through an intellectual exercise... the Libs were denied that... instead they're emotionally psyched to the point of hysteria because of Their Messiah. The Hollow One.
You folks look like a cult. Little to no intellectual curiosity.
Yep. We sacrifice white children and use unborn bongs.

Passing out all over the place like space kadet teenies at a rock concert.
Don't forget. We also rape typical white women.

Mind numbed, chanting Yes we can, Yes we can, Yes we can, Yes we can... without ever knowing what Change, Hope or Unity meant.

It meant nothing and everything as Obama failed to define it.

It allowed the massive Moonie Wing of the party to shovel these empty vessels with anything they wanted, a little like a pizza sized tortilla.

The few who opposed vocally... were smeared as racists at the first opportunity; Clinton, Ferraro.

Unfortunately anything mixed with excrement becomes excrement... and now we are being force fed your massive ****ty burritos.

Some of his most staunch supporters are finally waking up from their deep funk and wondering how in the world they missed the destructive ideas consistent with his shady past. How in the world could they have missed all the warnings.

That's how we get Obama. Style over substance. Little to no intellectual curiosity.
Why don't you draw us a cartoon and tell us how you really feel. Your writing style bored me after the first few sentences. Seriously. Tolkien you are not.