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Thread: Does One Wrong Justify Another?

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    Re: Does One Wrong Justify Another?

    Quote Originally Posted by Ikari View Post
    Obama lied in campaign promises, continuing the war in the Middle East, expanding government, his cabinet seems to all have tax problems, etc.

    It was only a "lie" to those ingorant souls who were weak enough to believe it. Those who knew better had the ability to seperate campaign BS and real world practical demands.

    "Right and wrong" will only get a person so far before he is faced with real world twists and turns. To the Republicans....recognize what you supported under Bush and applaud Obama a little more. To Democrats....become the hypocrits Republicans expect you to be or continue the protests and undermine our President.
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    Re: Does One Wrong Justify Another?

    Quote Originally Posted by Ethereal View Post
    By your logic it should be possible for the government to perpetually stimulate the economy simply by spending tax-payer's money at a constant rate in the form of a monthly "stimulus" bill. If the underlying principle of your strategy is sound then there is no reason it shouldn't work. By the way, how much stimulus did Bush's bills provide?
    I'm talking about consumers spending their money on goods and services because the inauguration was an event on the scale that it was.

    Those millions of people that went to Washington DC and tens of millions of others watching, spent hundreds of dollars each on goods/services. That spending helped the economy that night.
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