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Thread: On a lighter note - Horse Tenderloin

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    Re: On a lighter note - Horse Tenderloin

    Quote Originally Posted by Cephus View Post
    Doesn't bother me, it can't be any worse than some of the other things I've tried to eat. I don't get all emotional about what species of animal I'm eating, we're omnivores, so long as it tastes good and is healthy, I'm fine with it. That includes puppy-burgers and kitten-on-a-stick, for anyone who plans on asking.
    I'll second that.

    Westerners look at an animal and declare it 'too cute to eat'.
    Billions of others do not have that luxury.

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    Re: On a lighter note - Horse Tenderloin

    Sure. I have a food policy that I will try anything once. It's never failed me yet, except when they try and add onions to it. Instant ruin.

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    Re: On a lighter note - Horse Tenderloin

    sadly I am a very picky eater, and it really limits the numer of things i can bring myself to eat
    what it is matters not, but how it tastes/smells is tough to overcome
    there is not one fish that does not smell like low tide
    no matter how fresh, no matter how prepared
    Quote Originally Posted by creativedreams View Post
    Isn't this already on the menu at the Chinese Buffet's under the label "chicken" like everything else?...
    Chicken is cat
    Steak is horse

    Human Taxidermist - - now offering his services for all your loved ones
    Quote Originally Posted by jallman View Post
    How the hell did you just tie in a retroactive reparative measure with a proactive preventative measure. Not even close to being the same thing.

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