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Thread: Economic troubles and the media: the 1990s vs Today

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    Economic troubles and the media: the 1990s vs Today

    Today while we were eating dinner, me and my family caught 60 minutes on. They were doing a piece on how hard a small town in Ohio has been hit with the current financial situation. More specifically that a DHL plant was laying off workers. My dad goes to say;

    "Nobody heard of these sob stories during the 90s when the Construction Industry and it's workers were hurting and going through the same crap. Especially when that draft dodging clown was President! Now all of sudden the media and the scum in Washington care when the Wall Street ****s screw up and it's too big for the media to sweep under the rug?! Our industry never got a bailout and yet these pieces of **** have the balls to tell the public that they needthe money because the results will destroy the country."

    My question for those who were actively working in the 90s (I was still still in school at the time) did the media treat the economic problems of the 90s differently compared to the ones now?
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    Re: Economic troubles and the media: the 1990s vs Today

    I wasn't around and thinking either, but I recently read a book about Clinton's 1992 election run which said the housing market was coming down in flames, the job market was the worst in decades, and the situation could become worse than the Great Depression. Of course, Clinton was a great time for every working person in the country

    In other words, I bet, until the D got elected, it was the same hyperbole used during every election cycle. Kind of like whenever the govt wants us all to get scared of some tin-pot sheep-herder, and the Hitler comparisons inevitably start coming out...
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