View Poll Results: Are we heading for another depression?

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  • Yes, we are already in a depression.

    10 24.39%
  • Yes, we will probably enter a depression in 2009. (-10% GDP growth or worse)

    16 39.02%
  • No. We will have a severe recession, but no depression. (-4% to -9% GDP growth)

    9 21.95%
  • No. We will have a relatively mild recession in 2009. (0% to -4% GDP growth)

    3 7.32%
  • No. We will make a recovery in 2009 and be out of the recession. (Positive GDP growth)

    3 7.32%
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Thread: Are we entering another depression?

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    fyi Re: Are we entering another depression?

    It all depends on what government does, or more importantly, what it does not do.

    The quick answer: The less government does, the sooner we recover. The more government does (spending, taxing, regulating, etc.) the worse it will get.

    The #1 cure--Less government (at all levels), reduced spending, debt reduction, less taxation, less meddling and regulation (both at home and abroad) and more individual liberty for people to solve their own problems.

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    Re: Are we entering another depression?

    With the government spending like drunk sailors we can all be assured that capitalism will take a severe hit and a Depression similar to FDR's is in the works.

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