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The statememt "Vast Public Works" certainly suggests the types of things FDR saddled us with. The word "vast" is particularly scary.

Where is the money going to come from? Our debt is already many trillions of dollars. How big do we have to make it to satisfy the big spenders? And who is going to pay the tab?
All good questions.

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The rest of these issues are independent of public works. It is not that you and Monk Eye are wrong, it is just that Obama is not FDR. It is not fair nor particularly helpful to resurrect every complaint made against FDR and apply it to Obama.
When I wrote this, I was refering to things like RonPaulVoter bringing up the Japanese-American internment camps. That really has nothing to do with President-Elect Obama's proposal. If you are opposed to public works, then talk about that, but bringing up internment camps is just going to get a "huh?" from Obama and his supporters.

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Infrastructure programs take too long to get going.
Many economists, particularly Chicagoans, feel that fiscal stimulus is too slow and that monetary policy is faster, which is why I made this statement one of the choices in my poll. But does that apply to the public works programs being proposed today? Perhaps somebody could expand on that.

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As far the new deal, some conservatives do argue that it may have partially/ fully instigated the recession of 1937. But you libertarians have to expand your arguments.
Yes, I'd like to hear somebody expand on that too.